Sleeping pods, donuts and Skullcandy…

It was a funky old time at Demo a Donut this week!

We asked you to let us know what what we don’t do in the library that would be useful to you.

Along with requests for more study space, powerpoints, tables and chairs, the most ‘liked’ suggestion in library spaces was sleeping pods, or a sleeping area. I have to say, I’d like one of these in my loungeroom!

Sleeping pod






Thanks to all of you for your contributions. Most of your requests around library spaces will be addressed in the library extension. Your service requests including printing quota, better internet connection, more digital media and internet allowance have been passed to the relevant service providers.

Join us again next week when the two intrepid D4 members who asked for ‘different donuts’ will be rewarded, along with Jonathan and Matthew who need to collect their headphones.

We’ll be asking you what you know about the student computing website – for example, did you know there is software available for you to download? Go for a wander:

Yes, there will be a quiz!

See you soon.