It’s Harmony Week!

  • It’s Harmony Week this week, and Griffith is getting into the swing of it with a bunch of fun activities happening on each campus.

In the libraries you’ll find a few displays celebrating and promoting diversity, multiculturalism and, of course, harmony!

Zoe Dyason and Fionulla Boyce from the Logan campus library have created a display of books from their curriculum collection, highlighting the diversity of the Logan community:

harmony week logan 1 harmony week logan 2 harmony week logan 3

Michelle, Melita and Masami from the Nathan campus library have created a display using books and DVDs that celebrate different cultures around the world:

Harmony week nathan 1 Harmony week nathan 2

South Bank has this rather lovely display in their front window:

Harmony week south bank

And Cathy Gore from the Gold Coast library got some students in on their display!:

harmony week GC 1 harmony week GC 2

Andrew Monaghan and the Griffith International team has produced this awesome Harmony Week video.

It was made by students and we are very excited to share it with you (you all look fabulous, by the way!).

We hope you’re enjoying Harmony Week! Leave us a comment and let us know the activities that you’ve been enjoying around your campus.