G10 construction update – works scheduled for tomorrow

  • G10 construction update – works scheduled for tomorrow.

Watpac advise the following works scheduled for Tuesday, March 5:

‘Tomorrow morning we have planned to carry out roofing of the lower roof awning to the Shard. Access will be provided via the disabled ramp to the front entry of G10 via bollards and barricading to enable these works to be carried out.

In addition to this we also have the necessary task of demolishing the blinder slab that was used to support the fire stairs and shard suspended slab. The concrete saw should be completed by around 7-7:30 am with a rock breaker, which will need to progress to allow new concrete seats and pavements to proceed.’

Watpac will do what they can to minimise impact on G10 clients and staff, however some construction noise is unavoidable to complete these works in a timely fashion.