Introducing the Microsoft Tech Lounge at the Gold Coast library


Griffith University now has our very own Microsoft Tech Lounge. Not only does this space have super comfy couches and funky tables to hang out at but it also has heaps of new tech for you to explore. There are so many cool laptops to try, all with the new microsoft 8 software, a smart TV and even two xbox’s with kinect (remember when playing Just Dance you are in a public space :-)).

If your not sure how something works ask a “U-Crew” ambassador. Lachlan, Ronald and Jenny are available for any of your questions and will be happy to give you a demonstration, look for the “U-Crew” on their teeshirts.

During the semester, Microsoft will be hosting a variety of events in the Tech Lounge. The first event is coming up very soon (march 5th), see all the details from the Press release below.

Titled ‘HOW TO BUILD AND GROW YOUR DIGITAL EMPIRE’, the interactive session will entertain and inspire guests through a panel discussion and Q&A with Sarah Timmerman of Beginning Boutique (Online fashion retailer), Stephen Baxter of River City Labs (tech entrepreneur and angel investor), Phil Larsen of Halfbrick Studios (games developer) where we will explore how the internet can turn your crazy idea into your epic future.

To be a part of this intimate event, guests can register for FREE at

The session is a part of the launch of Pedestrian Coach – a platform that allows successful creatives to share the knowledge they’ve gained from experience in industries like media, fashion, technology, music and entrepreneurship with aspiring creatives in live online lessons.  Check out the site for further information –

3 Comments on “Introducing the Microsoft Tech Lounge at the Gold Coast library”

  1. matt says:

    where is the lounge?


  2. Lothar says:

    It would be nice if it was clearly displayed that this is only at the Gold Coast campus. I’d heard about it, but none of the info I came across indicated its location!
    Thanks Tara for adding this info.