G10 extra quiet study space now available

G10 former staff space on level 3 has been transformed into a new home for the print collection and more spaces for quiet, individual study.

We’ve temporarily fitted out the space with individual chairs and tables, and some of the ever popular beanbags! Wireless access is available too of course, along with a printer.

Eventually the space will be completed with a microform reading room, an indoor/outdoor terrace, some quiet lounge furniture with views over the green space in the outdoor aviary and more quiet study spaces. The current print collection will absorb the health print collection which will be integrated.

When choosing a study space within your library, remember to choose the space that best fits your needs. Level 2 (entrance level) spaces are for group study and collaboration. You can use your mobile phone on this level, use the portable whiteboards to brainstorm with your study group or book a presentation practice room when preparing for an assessment. Level 3 is where you’ll find the print collection along with zones for quiet and silent study.

Enjoy the new space – and the views of the construction site as your library extension grows!