Mt Gravatt Historical Photo Display

historical photographic display

  • If you’ve been walking through Mt Gravatt library lately, you may have seen this interesting display of photographs.

Mt Gravatt library are currently showcasing a historical photographic display.

The photographs were donated to the library by the family of Sir Samuel Griffith and include photographs of the Mt Gravatt School (students of the first kindergarden class), Heinrich Klump and family (among the first settlers in the area later to be called Upper Mt Gravatt), the Mt Gravatt Hotel (1882), and the Mt Gravatt Congregational Church (taken 1880, first church to be build in the district).

The display will showcase for 3 weeks then will go to CARMS (Corporate Archives & Records Management) to store and preserve.

If you are walking through the Mt Gravatt library in the next few weeks, make sure to stop and take a look at how things once were!  Have you seen the display already? Which photograph is your favourite?

One Comment on “Mt Gravatt Historical Photo Display”

  1. These photos were really interesting to visit, and the sentence or two of commentary about each photo especially brought them alive. Thank you very much to the staff who put up the display for copying these from the back of the photos so that visitors could read these small snippets of insight into these days gone by.
    A very intriguing and relevant collection to be able to showcase at Mt Gravatt campus. Thank you very much.
    (May I ask, will these photos be digitised into a special collection, eg like the Len Webb Ecological Images Collection, that can be accessed from our website, as well as being stored safely by CARMS?).