Do you know how to Study Smart?

Study Smart Banner

Griffith University’s new online tutorial ‘Study Smart’ has now gone live – just in time for semester 2 o-week!

Study Smart is a fantastic all-interactive program designed to help you with researching, writing and studying while at Griffith. The program is split in to 9 components – introduction, getting started, understanding the task, finding information, referencing, organising information, putting it together, working in groups, and preparing for exams.

It starts at the very beginning with ‘unpacking the assignment’. Students are taught to identify directive and limiting words to help break down and interpret assignment tasks. The program goes on to cover topics like evaluating websites for reliability, academic integrity and plagiarism, critical reading, working as part of a group and how to study without completely losing your head!

The best thing about Study Smart is that it’s packed full of information. There is a whole stack of videos that range from instructional clips, to past student interviews and light-hearted parodies of library systems. There are links to great resources like the Griffith academic integrity webpage that offers a fantastic referencing tool and copyright guide. There are PDFs that cover almost every subject for you to download and keep for further reference, as well as checklists for every component to help make sure that you haven’t missed anything.

This is definitely a tool that will help even the most seasoned academic – at the very least it’s good to brush up on your skills! Head on over to the Study Smart tutorial and discover just how much you know!