G10/G11 works update

Work continues on the G11 site where scaffolding is appearing and the breakin at our second entry is almost complete. More rain is due in the next couple of days though, here’s hoping for showers instead!

In G10 internal works continue ahead of staff relocations from July 14. From Wednesday, June 27, access to level 3 will be available only via the lift in the foyer or the stairs in the collaboration zone. The area is being isolated to build a new ICTS workshop on level 3. The workshop will be complete by Friday, July 13.

The electronic training room is being relocated to ‘The Lab’ and will be fully operational by Monday, July 2. All current bookings in 2.25 electronic training lab will transfer to the new space 2.04. All the CUSE PCs from ‘The Lab’ have been relocated temporarily into ‘Tech Park’ where they’ll stay until their new home is completed later in the year.

Please note G10 staff can continue to use the after hours entry into ‘The Lab’ 2.04 as usual.