G10 works underway – and some major noise coming..

G10 internal works are well underway – we have a new reserve/holds room ready to go, and a new location for the CUSE PCs from ‘The  Lab’.

On Tuesday, June 19 some high impact works will be undertaken. From 0500 to 0800 concrete cutters will be working on demolishing part of the external wall into ‘Tech Park’. The demolished wall will eventually become a second library entrance. An internal safety wall  has been constructed in the meantime, complete with power and data, this will be the  new temporary location for CUSE PCs from ‘The  Lab’.

Lots of changes happening very quickly at the moment. We’re doing our best to keep noise and disruption to a mimimum as  you all concentrate on your exam studies.

Stay in touch with your library over the break – lots more construction and changes on their way as we extend and improve your library!