Extended Library Opening Hours – Extended!

Library Hours Extended

Good news everyone! We asked what you thought of the extended library opening hours and you told us – they have proven to be so successful with you all, that they will now continue until Thursday 14 June!

Keep in mind that Monday 11 June will still open to public holiday hours -10am to 5pm.

Here is a link to our last update about the extended opening hours so that you can refresh your mind.

Remember also that you can ask a staff member in your library, and visit the library hours schedule for more information.

5 Comments on “Extended Library Opening Hours – Extended!”

  1. Vince says:

    Great job of not actually mentioning what the extended hours are lol.


    • amandacomms says:

      Hi, Vince

      If you click the link in the post that says ‘our last update about the extended library hours’, you will see a list of all the times and dates in that post. Also, you can ask a librarian in your library or check the library hours schedule in the library website.

      – Amanda.


  2. Lloyd says:

    just wanted to express my dissatisfaction with today’s closing time. it should be realised that the majority still have exams, especially on saturday. should address this for next semester, and even next week. thanks.


    • Jacob says:

      I could not agree more with Lloyd. Many of us don’t have anywhere else we can study, especially heading into the hours of the evening. Being in exams many wish to study into to the night, after six, and with the early closing hours of the library its just not possible. The uni should realise that they’re putting us at a huge disadvantage. The learning centres such as G30 and G02 do not provide good alternatives as they are consistently overcrowded. This issue needs to be addressed.


  3. fabian says:

    can I ask why the library is only open from 9-5 on the weekends, especially during exams? we have nowhere to study with proper desks as Go2 and g30 are always full. I would expect that the library would be extended not only for study week but the semester in general as other universities do too.