Students rejoice – and take a seat!

Students, we heard your cries for more seating within the Gold Coast campus library and we sprung into action.

A couple of weeks ago, Vice Chancellor Ian O’Connor put out a call to increase seating on the floor in G10 by 400 seats.

And so it was organised! To date the library has ordered, received and distributed:
100 beanbags
200 stackable chairs
50 stools
50 laptop tables

The library has also taken delivery of 200 small tables on castors this week and is waiting on delivery of lounge furniture that will be placed on level 2.

This all means that student space within G10 will increase substantially ahead of the library upgrade project delivery date, with the current level 3 staff space being converted for student use (temporarily) from the end of September to January 2013.

See below for some images of the new furniture at G10:

Now, go forth and enjoy!