Desktop Virtualisation introduced in Student Labs

We have some exciting news! Workstations in the student labs are now using Desktop Virtualisation technology. This will provide a more responsive and flexible desktop service to staff and students at Griffith.

A virtual PC uses the computer lab physical workstation to connect to a windows session hosted on virtualised desktop infrastructure (VDI) located in central machine rooms.

The advantages of this technology is:

  • Flexibility. Many types of device can be used to access a corporate environment
  • Secure remote access to corporate desktop enivornment
  • Potentially support a student ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) service
  • Reduce the specifications and power consumption of the lab workstations
  • Upgrade desktop applications and operating systems rapidly
  • Longer refresh cycle for existing physical PCs.
  • Reduced downtime in the event of physical endpoint failure.

Desktop virtualisation has been introduced into the non-24 hour CommonUse-General Access rooms at the Gold Coast and Nathan campuses from 15 March 2012. This solution will be rolled out to all CommonUse-General Access rooms on all campuses throughout semester 1,2012. For more information on the latest developments and news concerning this initiative, visit