Gold Coast campus – Carpark B changes

Due to the construction of the library extension (G11) both footpaths along University Drive adjacent to the construction site have been removed to allow adequate width for two way traffic on University Drive and a construction layby lane for loading and unloading of construction vehicles. Both footpaths will be reinstated at the  completion of the project in early 2013.

In order to allow the movement of pedestrians between the Student Centre (G33) and Clinical Sciences (G16) a pedestrian zone has been marked out in carpark B and the carpark entry and exit have been redesigned to create a one way system. Carpark B is designated for general parking and has a low turnover rate of vehicles during the working day. Please note that all carparks and Gold Coast campus roads are designated Shared Zones with a 10kph speed limit. All drivers should adhere to this limit at all times.