G11 ‘Demo a Donut ‘ promotion


Our first ‘Demo(lish) a Donut’ promotion for 2012 was held this morning at 10am at the client information kiosk in the library foyer. Clients dropped by to grab a free donut and hear about the construction of the G11 library extension and new Gumurrii Centre. Thanks to our wonderful rovers Keolin and Trinette for their help too!

Top five client enquiries:

  • Parking?
  • Integration of medical collection?
  • Parking?
  • More group study pods?
  • Parking?

The print collection at GH1 (medical collection) will relocate to the Parklands library in 2013 and be integrated into the expanded collection on level 3. We were happy to advise clients that there are more group study pods (well, booths) in the plans for the expanded group study space on level 2. Not the 200 requested though!

With regard to parking our advice as always is to look forward to the reopening of carpark B next week and encourage clients to make use of the Church of Christ and Parklands carparking offsite.

An ex-Bond university student told me about her recent experiences at  Bond with their major library refurbishment. She reminded me ‘it was all worth it in the end’!

INS staff also enjoyed the sweet treats with CTS  as always willing to lend a hand in distribution.

See you next week and every week during semester. Come and ‘Demo a donut’ on us at 10am each Wednesday.