G10 Library Construction News

February-July 2012

What is happening in your library?

During 2012 we’re extending and refurbishing your library. Construction begins on January 9 and will continue throughout 2012. By semester one 2013, you will have more indoor and outdoor group and quiet study space, seminar rooms, a Sky Lounge and a 24/7 access study hall.

Where are all the books?

The print collection, including borrowable periodicals and books, is located on level 2 of your library. The curriculum collection, maps, charts, and law collection are also on level 2, shelved separately.

Where can I find a quiet place to study?

Individual, quiet study spaces are available near the print collection on level 2 of your library. Most study spaces provide you with power and wireless access for your laptop. Earplugs are provided by the construction project team on level 1 and level 2 if you think they’ll help!

Where can I find a group study space?

The Collaboration Zone on level 1 will remain unchanged during construction. There is plenty of power available for your laptop and commonuse PCs are available in the computer labs. Alternative group study spaces are available at GO2 Clinical Sciences 1, G30 Arts and Education 1 and G31 Arts and Education 2.

For further information:

Check out the new library building works page for the latest information.

Check updates at the client information kiosk in the library.

Email the senior project officer, Lori Bowe at L.Bowe@griffith.edu.au