Bigger and Better Internet at Griffith


Have you heard? Griffith University is replacing the current Internet access system (NetCheck) with a bigger and better Internet access on Saturday 3 September, 2011.

As part of the new system, you’ll get 1.2 gigabytes of Internet quota on the first day of every month, free Internet between 8pm-8am every day, and automatic login to the Internet when you log in to a Griffith PC or use the Griffith University wireless on your laptop.

If you run out of allocated quota, your access won’t be cut off – your browsing speed will be slowed instead.

These changes have been made as a result of the University listening to feedback and making improvements to benefit the learning experience of Griffith students.

To find out more information on Internet access, visit:

If you need assistance with your Internet access, please contact Library and IT Help.


6 Comments on “Bigger and Better Internet at Griffith”

  1. Sam says:

    It’s about time, the rates in which we get charged for at the current moment are ridiculous, it doesn’t last me anywhere near it should. I’m just concerned as to what they mean by “free internet between said hours” does that mean the 1.2 GB usage? need’s to be clearer, but thank you for improving so.


  2. Is anyone trying to fix the problem with wireless printing for Mac os Lion ? this is a really frustrating issue for me and for a lot of people i know.


    • Thanks Yashan for your feedback and patience. Yes our tech staff are working with the developer of the print system and once testing has been completed, we should all be printing again. Stay tuned for updates.


  3. Zach says:

    It would just be nice to get on the wireless network and not have the connection drop out constantly. Which is an issue a tone of people not just my self have. I’ll be in the middle of downloading something off the portal or doing some programing with JPL or getting a file off my PC on to a mac over a google docs and the network just cuts out.


    • taracomms says:

      Hi Zach,
      At the time you sent through this message to the Griffith Library Blog. Griffith wireless was experiencing some problems with the Cisco wireless controllers. The software for the Wireless LAN Controllers (the brains of the GU wireless network) had a bug in the code. This software bug was resolved by upgrading the wireless controller software and since then the reports from students and staff of having wireless dropouts problems has stopped. The upgrade happened on the 17/08 and since that day Network & Communication Services have not been informed about any drop out issues with Griffith’s wireless network.

      I hope this answers your question.

      Kind regards,

      Peter Kurtz
      Manager, Network & Communication Services