Library Client Survey 2011 – Is the library meeting your needs?

Dear Staff and Students,

The Library is keen to know about your experiences with using our services, resources and facilities.

This will assist us in reviewing the effectiveness of what we do and to help us develop proposals for improvements that may benefit all of our clients.

We hope you can spare ten minutes to complete this quick,online and confidential survey:

Upon completion of this survey you will be able to enter the prize draw to win one of five $100 Coles Myer Gift Cards.

5 Comments on “Library Client Survey 2011 – Is the library meeting your needs?”

  1. Patrice Clarke says:

    I dont like the new website. Its not very friendly and I cant locate any articles anymore with the new system… Please change it back….


    • Thanks your feedback. There are two ways to find articles on a topic, choose your favourite:

      1. Enter your topic in the LibrarySearch box on the library website and choose the articles radio button
      2. Enter your topic in a journal database for your discipline. If you don’t know which database to use, check our the database guide

      We have not removed any links from the last library site, so if you cannot see a link you used to use, it may be under the Quicklinks menu. We recommend the ‘Browse resources by type and subject’ button if you need further help, alternatively contact Library and IT Help.


  2. emma foster says:

    I agree. The website is difficult to navigate, as is locating relevant links. Many of my friends have also complained in regard to the new format. We don’t need a new website format every year – it’s ineffectual and confusing.


    • Thank you for your feedback Emma, sorry the library website is no longer working as you would hope. No links were removed from the Library website so if you are able to provide more details we will be able to action your request. Would you be willing to be involved in our next round of user testing, to assist in making the website as user-friendly as possible?


  3. good job now i can easily search all important topic instantly with just a tip of a finger with no hassle.