Say goodbye to Library overdue fines*


From start of second semester 2011, the library will no longer be imposing fines on overdue library materials.

You will still be held responsible for items borrowed from the library and you will need to comply with the borrowing conditions and loan periods. These conditions maximise access to library materials for all library users.

We will not be imposing fines on overdue items but items will be regarded as lost if you do not return them after you have been issued overdue notices. You will then be charged replacement costs plus a $20 reinstatement of borrowing rights charge.

High demand items such as Reserve, Short Loan and Laptop loans will move to replacement cost stage more quickly than Standard loans.

How it works:

  • Your library borrowing is suspended once any item becomes overdue. You can immediately restore your borrowing rights by returning or renewing the overdue items.
  • Items that are not returned or renewed according to the loan periods will be managed via an escalating notice cycle – reminder notice before items are due; 1st notice when items becomes overdue, a 2nd notice and a final library invoice notice for the replacement costs of the items.
  • All invoice notices incur a reinstatement of borrowing charge and this must be paid before you can borrow again.
  • Do the right thing and never pay a library fine again.

If you have existing library fines they will be removed from your record. If you have been received a notice of replacement costs for lost items, these charges will remain on your record until the items have been returned or replaced,

You can check out the library borrowing policies at

You will be able to track and manage your loans through the My Account button and we will continue to send courtesy notices by email.