Griffith iPhone App is Launched

The Griffith University iPhone Application has now been released and is fully operational for staff and students.

Seen as a tool that will be beneficial to new students in particular, the wide range of features will also prove to be invaluable to staff and experienced students alike, with useful links to Griffith News and Gmail accounts.

The other main features on the application include:

  • Address Book – Allows user to search the online Griffith phonebook
  • Information View – User can view bus timetable and academic calendar
  • Maps – Provides the user with a per campus list of common locations using the built in maps
  • Labs – The user can view the computer availability in the on-campus labs
  • Weather – Displays information about the current and next 3 days weather for areas near the Griffith Campus

With the application aiming to ease the transition into University life for new students, the ongoing developments of the features and functionality will be a valuable asset for the future.

The Griffith Application already has a number of planned updates proposed for the start of Semester 1, 2011. Any feedback or suggestions about the service should be directed to

To download the free tool, simply log on to the App Store, search for “Griffith Application”, and follow the prompts to install the app to your device.

The Griffith iPhone App

4 Comments on “Griffith iPhone App is Launched”

  1. Damien says:

    This app looks really useful. Is there any chance a similar program could be developed for Android-based phones?


  2. Great minds think alike, we are currently working on an android version so watch this space as they say. 🙂 TA


  3. how about having access to blackboard with the app?