Changing your Griffith portal password

On the 15th January 2011, Information Services updated the Griffith portal password change application.

This update means the next time you change your portal password, you will be prompted to accept the Code of Practice. You will need to scroll down the page and accept the Code of Practice, you will only ever have to accept it once.

Choosing a new password

A password checker has been included to assist you when choosing your new password. This checker will show you the strength of your password.

When choosing your new password it should be a minimum of 8 characters long. Ideally, it should include letters, upper or lower case, special characters and numbers.

Changing your Griffith portal password

Depending on whether you are a staff member or student, when you change your Griffith portal password, it will automatically update some passwords on systems you have access to eg. Learning at Griffith, Netcheck, Lotus Notes Webmail, Mobilesync and a number of other Griffith systems.

A note for staff

Staff who are using a mobile device such as a iPhone to access their email, once you’ve changed your Griffith portal password, you will also need to manually update the password on your mobile device.

Also, for staff using Lotus Notes, your client password will not be updated automatically. If you wish to have the same Griffith portal and Lotus Notes client password, you will need to manually change this password as well.

More information

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