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25 Comments on “Win a $50 Coles Myer Voucher”

  1. Verena says:

    I really like the new catalogue. It is much easier to find the target and the listing is clear. Moreover, it is easy to export a reference into endnote. However, unfortunately, often the names of the authors are in a wrong order and only the startpage of a journal article is given.
    All in all, it is a really good improvement!


  2. Sayuri says:

    At first, I was confused to use the new search engine though. Now, I know the features.

    Benefits of the new feature is I can search journal articles across databases. Especially, I had only known the data base such as Proquest and emerald, for assignments as business degree students. However, I am taking an environmental course this semster. It requires me to know specific database for the course. So, the new system made me find journal articles easier in this point.

    The limitations of the new system are speed of the site and not enough function to narrow down my search in advanced search function. For example, I want jounal articles from 2005 which are also scholarly and full texts. Then I have to tick the box each time. It is time consuming.


  3. Sophie says:

    The new library catalogue is confusing and annoying, the old system was much better it is now harder to search directly through the library catalogue for a specific journal, on the old system it used to be one of the first few results, the layout has too much going on, it does not need to look fancy it is a search tool to find study materials. furthermore it is a waste of student resources and student time (time spent trying working out how to use new versions) which can be frustrating.


  4. Erin Pratt says:

    I think that the Griffith University library catalogue is fantastic because there is a huge number of accessible resources that relate to each subject and that subjects assessment.


  5. Borcsa says:

    It is a lot harder to use than the previous format, perhaps because I was familiar with it, but I am struggling to find a lot of the databases I used in the past. The search function for books in the library is still as easy, it’s just accessing the databases which is much more difficult. I actually couldn’t access a database I needed for a law assignment because I could not use this new layout. There were no instructions and it is a lot less clear about how to find databases.


  6. Kimberley Wessels says:

    I found the updated version of the library catalogue to be highly satisfactory as it has a much clearer layout and the refine search options at the left hand side allow me to filter the more useful resources.


  7. Rebecca Stevens says:

    I am using the library catalogue as a first time student and as a lending team member. I do not like the outlay, it isn’t easy to read and I don’t think it brings up relevant searches. Unless you know the exact – and I mean exact – title, you usually have to scroll through a lot of irrelevant titles before you find the one you want. I have only just tried the journal articles and I didn’t mind it but it was a basic search. Students report back how much they dislike the journal search and is harder to use.


  8. Pam says:

    Hi I have been stuyding at Griffith off-campus part-time for the past 4 years to complete a Masters in Special Education. Over that time I became very famailir with and sometimes frustrated with the previous library catalogue. Finding what I wanted – such as the request page for books to be posted to me was a challenge!
    I have been blown away with how easy it is to use… no need to specially select which Journals I wish to search… amazing! Today I am putting the final touches to my last assignment ever and all I can say is I wish this library catalogue had been available earlier!!
    Great work! No complaints here 🙂


  9. Zubair Ali Shahid says:

    I think its a brilliant change but ! every year / semester bringing a new change is not good because we get confused and have to learn things in a new way… slight changes are acceptable but 360 degree changes in search catalouge please dnt do that thanks heaps


  10. deann grant says:

    I think the current catalogue is good,love it…. but you also need a tab to research info that is only availabe in the library?


  11. To be honest, the library catalogue has served me well for the past four years. The best feature I would have to say is the library database where you can research for assignments anywhere you are. Another great feature about the catalogue in particular – is that you can search for book titles without even being present at the library. Perhaps an improvement could be list of new publications every month or so – so that students can browse through the new additions – which will encourage more use of the catalogue. Sort of like a reminder to the students that they can use the library catalogue online. Maybe this new list of publications is best emailed to students or posted as an announcement on blackboard.


  12. Christopher Hardwick says:

    Unfortunately, for the most part, the new catalogueis an unmitigated disaster.
    The original catalogue was easy to navigate, specific in the search area, and the ejournals were in the most part easliy accessable.
    I understand that to cut costs these things need to happen, but please, cut the spin out and think about when you are going to drastically change somthing, especially not at the beginning of semester 2.


  13. Hi, the new website is causing all sorrs of confusion. I am finding really hard to search for journals online. There used to be a supersearch? option .. which I cant find?? I am finding that I have to fill in more fields and am coming up with all sorts of options that I don’t want. I spoke to the library staff about this and they tried to help. Very frustrating. A few years ago there was a tutorial for library searching made available but with the changes to the website you have learn all over again. I feel the search engines are set up for IT people, not students who have limited time and ability.




  14. Jody Darling-Filby says:

    The databases are more difficult to use. Prior to the changes, it was more user friendly as we were able to just type in a general search and the results would indicate all the sites that found the relevant terms.


  15. Jake says:

    Much easier to access through L@G and clearer listing of resources. Really like the feature where it shows image of front cover of book.


  16. Griffith Library says:

    Thanks for your feedback on LibrarySearch – it will help us to improve the system and make it easier to use.

    I sincerely apologise for the disruption caused by the change to the library system. I agree that mid-semester is inopportune timing for the implementation of the new system and normally we do change systems during end of semester breaks. However in this case we had some specific issues we had to deal with which caused us to deviate from our usual practice. The changes were required because the vendor of the previous library system announced that it would no longer be developed or supported.

    One of the advantages of LibrarySearch is that you can find library books, journals and articles in the one search. This means that users do not have to search multiple systems to find what they are looking for, but it also means LibrarySearch will retrieve a large number of results. The results are relevancy ranked, but to get the best results I’d recommend using the limits on the left hand side of the results screen, particularly the content type option (books, ebooks, journal articles, journals, ejournals etc). If you are looking for databases, you can use the “Electronic Resource” content type.

    I recognise that this Google-style approach to finding information will not appeal to everyone. If you prefer the previous system, you can still search the catalogue and databases separately. There are links underneath the search box on the library home page.

    We recognise that there are improvements that can be made to improve the new system’s user friendliness, particularly in relation to database access. We are working on developing an improved approach to database access which will be available for Semester 1, 2011 and would appreciate your patience in this transition period.

    Training and workshops will be available next year and we will improve the online help based on your feedback. Library staff are available to assist you in navigating the new system. For more information about using LibrarySearch, click on the Help link, pick up a LibrarySearch tips brochure, visit your campus library or call Library and IT Help on Ph. 3735 5555 (Brisbane) or Ph. 5552 5555 (Gold Coast).

    To respond to a few specific comments:

    – Once you have made some search refinements in LibrarySearch, check the “Keep search refinements” radio button this will save you having to re-tick boxes each time.
    – To restrict your LibrarySearch to things only in the library, choose the Advanced search link and chose the Show only: Items in the library catalog option.
    – Lists of new publication are available on the library web site You can also subscribe to RSS feeds to be regularly updated regarding new material. I like your Blackboard suggestion and will investigate getting new items added to the Library tab in Learning@Griffith!

    Keep the feedback coming!


  17. Annie says:

    Thanks for the new look and advantage of this library search that make my study life so much easier. More options, more filters have brought a great interface to users. I love the function showing the available copies for the book that I want to leave a hold, and so many other useful functions.

    Great work GU Library.


  18. O. School says:

    This new system is excellent example of the University wasting valuable time and money, fixing something that was not broken – the old system worked perfectly !!
    The new system is user hateful, great job whoever you are, you have made our lived miserable…


    • Griffith Library says:

      Hello “O. School”,
      Thanks for your feedback on LibrarySearch. I sincerely apologise for the disruption caused by the change to the library system, however the changes were required because the vendor of the previous library system announced that it would no longer be developed or supported. If you prefer the previous style of searching (Title, Author, etc), use the “Catalogue” link underneath the search box on the library home page. Alternatively, Library staff are available to assist you in navigating the new system. For more information about using LibrarySearch, visit your campus library or call Library and IT Help on Ph. 3735 5555 (Brisbane) or Ph. 5552 5555 (Gold Coast).


  19. Kirsty says:

    The new library catalogue seems to be a lot more straight forward to me than the previous version- it is much easier to use, being able to search your definitive keywords and have matches come up instantly, rather than an ISBN or Author/Title search ( It seems to understand my search and what information I need, alot better).
    This enables you to locate a wider variety of articles/journals, and not have to stuff around especially when you may not know quite what you are searching for 🙂
    I think it serves my needs perfectly, and again, it is definitely a thumbs up for the new system! Thankyou!


  20. RONNIE YANG says:

    The new system is definitely improved than the old new, you can see the image of book cover so that more easy to find it. Plus, the recommodation of relevent search is more helpful and gives good suggest! However, the online database is still not clear enough for search article or other things, because I dont know which online database is most useful for me or spend lot of time to found.


  21. Siobhan says:

    I really like the new layout, it is a lot easier to find everything, and not having to relogin to renew items or place holds is a big plus. The ‘full text’ editions of the textbooks which I was initially quite excited about are just book reviews which are pretty annoying to have to sift through.


  22. hi i’ve been part-time for quite a while, and i love the new layout. i used to hate having to log-in everytime to renew items when i’m busy with my job. maybe you should highlight the most useful or popular databases, shading or different colour text or some kind of “i’m popular” icon? or have some kind of ranking for them?


  23. Beau says:

    Hi I am a QCA student.
    the new catalogue is very difficult to use and it is harder to access the journal articles, a search for say ‘Damien Hirst’ into the screen and ticking search journal articles and library catalogue brings up a list that is mostly not connected directly to journals, and also mostly brings up newspaper articles and it also does not show all the books that the library holds.

    The old catalogue and journal searches are still more accurate and successful way of finding fine arts articles.

    The borrower ‘my account’ section is excellent, thank you for this.