Nathan library (N53) works – October 12 – October 29

Demolition continues on level 1 (entrance level) behind the safety hoarding. A lot of noise into the collaboration zone – today you can hear the machine that is removing thirty year old glue from the concrete. There has also been a lot of angle grinding, contractors are cutting and removing ceiling joists and old ductwork.

Demolition will be completed over the next week, allowing construction to begin on new consultation rooms and training spaces for clients. Construction will continue into early 2011, with the collaboration zone next on the list! The space will unfortunately be constructed behind safety hoarding and will be  unavailable for client use from around March to May next year. Start searching out your spot at one of the new external collaboration spaces which are appearing around the campus – including next to the Goanna Lounge.

Learning services have relocated their training and consultation spaces temporarily. They are now located on level 0 of the library extension. Follow the new pedestrian walkway from the Enternet Cafe to the level 0 seminar rooms and follow the signs.

9 of the new seminar rooms on levels 0 and level -1 will come on line for teaching for semester one, 2011.

In the meantime, don’t forget to come and see us at 10am each Wednesday morning at the client information kiosk for a free donut and a chat about the current works. Look forward to seeing you there!

2 Comments on “Nathan library (N53) works – October 12 – October 29”

  1. Jase says:

    I couldn’t find a single place to sit in the library today as they were all occupied. Would the people in the library be taking the initiative to improve this? Being a student as well as paying good money to be here we expect people in the library to make amends in relations to this instead of expecting us to sit on the floor all the time.


  2. Griffith Library says:

    Sorry to hear about your experience in the library today. The period of exam preparation is always very busy as you can imagine. Unfortunately in 2010 we combine this with a major refurbishment and have increased pressure on available spaces.

    Our apologies for these short term inconveniences. We hope that once the refurbishment is completed in June/July 2011 you will find the library a more comfortable and accessible place to visit.