Nathan library construction, October 4 – October 8

Welcome back from your break! You’ll see lots of changes in your library, please find a staff member to direct you if you’re lost at first.

What’s happened during student vacation period:

  • The pedestrian bridge from central theatres to the library has been demolished. Work will now continue on the N76 commercial building being constructed opposite the library entrance.
  • The copy and print room is now behind hoarding being refurbished. Some copiers, printers, PCs and the binding machines are still available on the safe side of the hoarding, others have been relocated to the area outside the research zone (including the colour printer) and to the new level 2 and level 3 collection spaces.
  • The periodicals (magazines) collection has been relocated to the new level 3 collection space.
  • Lots of quiet study carrels have been removed from level 2 to make room for collection shelving. Follow the signs to new level 2 and level 3 quiet study spaces.
  • The collaboration zone has changed shape – we’ve kept the same number of tables and chairs for now – spread out if you need to!

Come and join us for Demo a Doughnut on Wednesday morning to eat a freebie and ask any questions you have. See you soon!

    4 Comments on “Nathan library construction, October 4 – October 8”

    1. Ric S says:

      Will all the books from the present library be eventually relocated to the new extension of the library?


      • Griffith Library says:

        Once all the renovations are complete we will have a fantastic new library and collection area. All the books that are currently in the library will be located on level 2 of this building (where the 2.19 training room, staff tea room and learning and teaching offices were) and level 2 & 3 of the new extension. Hope that answered your question!


    2. Ric S says:

      It would be nice to have seating arrangements the way it is in the present library on level 2 especially the back end around where the nursing books are. This is because if all study areas are relocated to the new library then this would mean everyone congregating to those two levels which in turn would mean noise during busy periods. I liked the seating arrangements of the present library when they were available because if a certain section of a study area was noisy we had a choice to move somewhere else within the library that was less noisy. I hope this aspect doesn’t change.


      • Griffith Library says:

        The refurbished N53 library will comply with our design principle of different zones for different activities. The zones will be the same as they are currently:

        Study spaces/public access spaces.
        Level 1, entrance level, is the noisy/collaboration/social zone, mobile phones are welcome and group study and interaction is encouraged.
        Level 2, collection and quiet study zone. There will be extra quiet study spaces in the library extension and in a new research zone.
        Level 3, collection and quiet study zone. The quiet study zone on level 3 (Iibrary extension) will operate as a silent study zone during exam revision and examination periods.

        Our experience shows that these zones are largely self regulating when it comes to noise. Our clients seek out the zone that best suits their immediate study need, group, quiet or silent.

        Thanks for your interest and feedback