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About LibrarySearch

LibrarySearch is a new GoogleTM-like search tool that allows you to quickly find and access library resources, down to the journal article level,  as well as items beyond the Griffith collections. It is a simple and easy way to start looking for the information you need.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a book, eBook, journal article or multimedia resource, LibrarySearch will help you find AND access what you need – fast!

With LibrarySearch, you will find a large number of resources which will be automatically ranked so that the most relevant resources appear at the top of the screen. You can find exactly what you need limiting your search by:

  • Content type (e.g. journal article);
  • Location (e.g. Gold Coast);
  • Subject term; and
  • Date

You can also limit your search to scholarly, peer-reviewed publications or items available in full text online. With a single click, you can then sort your results by date or relevancy, preview a record or access the full text of an online book or journal article.

If you are searching for a particular title, you may find the LibrarySearch advanced search option works best. Using advanced search you can enter a combination of terms such as author, title and publication date and then go directly to the record you need. Advanced search will also let you limit your search to items held only in the library catalogue.

You can choose to use the new LibrarySearch to maximise your results, or you may prefer to conduct more ‘traditional’ library searches – the choice is yours. There are links from the library homepage where you can search just the library catalogue or databases if you prefer.

LibrarySearch will not find all the content available in the Library’s databases. You may still need to search the specialised library databases to find additional information and specialised content such as legal publications, case law, statistics, company information etc.

For more information about using LibrarySearch, click on the Help link, pick up a Library Search Tips sheet , visit your campus library or call Library and IT Help on Ph. 3735 5555 (Brisbane) or Ph. 5552 5555 (Gold Coast).

We value your feedback. To tell us what you think about LibrarySearch click on the Feedback link at the top of the search screen.

6 Comments on “New Library Search”

  1. Roennfeldt, Peter says:

    I despair of systems constantly changing, without notice or advice to regular users. Having used several other university library catalogues on a regular basis, I was of the opinion that GU was more user friendly and straightforward, but that has changed with this latest round of ‘improvements’. For example, how is it now possible to isolate the campus library within which I believe the items are to be located? I regularly search for music scores and recordings, almost all of which are in teh QCGU library – I am now getting lots of irrelevant results when searching. I am most annoyed about this – can someone please let me know how I can navigate this system in ways which save, not waste time!


  2. Griffith Library says:

    Thank you for your feedback on our new LibrarySearch – we appreciate and value your comments.

    In the new system, you can refine your search using the Library Location check boxes on the left of the results screen. You will need to scroll down to see this option. There are also options to refine by Content Type including music scores and music recordings if you prefer. Click on the more options link to see the full list of refinement options. Library staff are available to assist you in navigating the new system. For more information about using LibrarySearch, click on the Help link, pick up a LibrarySearch tips brochure, visit your campus library or call Library and IT Help on Ph. 3735 5555 (Brisbane) or Ph. 5552 5555 (Gold Coast).

    I apologise for the disruption caused by this unexpected change. If you prefer to use the catalogue search you have previously used, there is still a link to the catalogue below the search box on the library home page.


  3. Ric Smith says:

    With the new library extension open would this mean that all the books from the present library will eventually move to this new block?


    • Griffith Library says:

      Once all the renovations are complete we will have a fantastic new library and collection area. All the books that are currently in the library will be located on level 2 of this building (where the 2.19 training room, staff tea room and learning and teaching offices were) and level 2 & 3 of the new extension. Hope that answered your question!


  4. Tim says:

    I have been at Griffith studying for the past 5 years and am so happy that a research tool as simple yes intuitive as this has finally become a reality. I used to fumble my way through database after database searching for relevant materials for hours and hours on end. Now that this tool has arrived it’s seriously just a mouse click away to grabbing the articles that are most useful to you.


    • Griffith Library says:

      We are thrilled that you like the new LibrarySearch, thank you for letting us know! Help spread the word by telling your friends 🙂