(Google) Market day stall winners

Google Comp winners

Congratulations to winners and runner-up’s of the recent Google comp!

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To enter students only had to put their name into the draw to share in prizes donated by the Co-op bookshop as well as heaps of Google merchandise!

Two major prizes of:

  • $200 Co-op bookshop vouchers
  • Crumpler Laptop bags
  • Google T-shirts, hacky sacks, soccer balls and putty.

Major prize winners are:

  • Jack Fox
  • Erhan Yavas

12 runner-up prizes of:

  • $50 bookshop vouchers
  • Google soccer balls, hacky sacks and organic shopping bags.

Runner-up prize winners are:

  • Bekki Green
  • Jessice Wynne
  • Kate Russell
  • Nathan Smith
  • Xinye Wu
  • Helena Susa
  • Stephanie Blaszak-Just
  • Catherine Chatterley
  • Lu Xing
  • Alexandra Eyears
  • Cautlin Gilbert
  • Renee Chapman

Google Goal winners

Congratulations to those students who were winners and runner-up winners of the recent Google Goal competitions held on the campus market day stalls:

  • Martin Gehrmann
  • Jessica Wynne
  • Sheldon Abreau
  • Corey Tones
  • Vitha Tickner
  • Stuart Sharry
  • Cherie Truscott
  • Joe Euston
  • Bing Zhu
  • Mark Riley
  • Junlun Chen
  • Rabee Mouffage Hagem
  • Jake Solway
  • Laura Hann
  • Shani Cameron
  • Avtarsingh Sunehara
  • Neoness Dela Cruz

Thanks to all students who participated and made the Google Goals comp fun!!

One Comment on “(Google) Market day stall winners”

  1. Sheldon Abreu says:

    It was a pleasure participating in your Google Goal competition. The market day was a great success and many fellow students had fun at the stall throughout the day.

    out of curosity, how do we collect the prize? I wasn’t aware there was a prize to be won, and I wasn’t aware that I won until looking at this web page (today).

    Sheldon A.