Experience the Winter Olympics and Test Your Skills on Wii!

Good morning students,

We have the following dedicated Vancouver Winter Olympics Stations on our large plasma screen in the Gold Coast campus Library   (Piazza Zone)

As well, we have the Mario Winter Olympics Wii for those of you who wish to test your skills at the Gold Coast and Nathan Library. To gain access to the controllers, please see the Library Desk, present your student card, the controller will be available for a  maximum of 2 hours, and hit the slopes!!

Enjoy. More information is coming on who to watch on the Telecast, especially members of our  Australian Team!


Channel Number Channel Name Content
188 Whistler Cross Country, Skiing, Ski Jumping, Bobsled, Looge
189 Creekside Alpine Skiing, Ice Hockey, Curling
190 Vancouver Figure Skating, Speed Skating
191 Cypress Freestyle Aerials, Mogul, Snowboard, Ski Cross