Are you an off campus student?

The library has a great new resource specifically for off campus students.

This Learning@Griffith organization will give you access to information about:

  • Requesting assistance from the off-campus librarian, including online chat
  • Selecting library resources for their research
  • How to structure library database searches
  • Using the library catalogue
  • Getting up to speed with technology
  • Online research tutorials
  • Links for Developing your writing skills
  • Presentation essentials
  • Strategies for academic success  to help students make the transition
To find out how to join this new Learning at Griffith organisation visit our new website.

3 Comments on “Are you an off campus student?”

  1. Neal says:

    Great idea and resource for off campus students!


  2. Clemencia says:

    I am trying to do a reasearch about live stock exports from Australia, but i have not had success. I want all kind of information (legislation, precedents, journals, opinion, etc) Can you gave me any ideas about searching criteria o places to search.



  3. wow power leveling says:

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    Good recommended website.