Show your support for the Disability Action Plan


Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Engagement), Professor Martin Betts cordially invites you to attend the official launch of the Disability Action Plan.

Held at the Macrossan Building (N16 0.03) on the Nathan Campus this coming Friday, the launch kicks off at 10am.

The goal of the Griffith University Disability Action Plan 2015-2017 is to develop an inclusive culture that values the contribution of people with disabilities and enables them to actively participate in University life.

By addressing the barriers that exclude people with disability, the Plan aims to enhance the quality of their interaction with Griffith University and ensure that our organisation proactively and positively engages with disability-related issues.

Join us to celebrate diversity and inclusion within the University community.

Official launch of the Disability Action Plan

10am to 11am, Friday 9 December 2016

Macrossan Building (N16 0.03) Nathan Campus. (Not sure where this building is? Here’s a campus map!)

Register here.

This initiative is supported by Griffith’s Equity Committee and the Disability Advisory Committee.

4 reasons to visit the library this summer


Happy first day of summer!

Now, we know what you’re thinking. It’s the season for kicking back at the beach with friends, eating snags at a backyard BBQ bash or lazing on a plastic pool float.

But we have a cooler (literally) idea for what you should be doing this summer – visit your Griffith University library! Get off your inflatable flamingo, bundle all your electronic devices into your bag and head back to campus. Stat.

Here are four dang good reasons you need to visit the library this summer.

1. Beat the heat
Did we mention the library is air-conditioned? It’s so lovely and cool in here. Hold on a minute while I put on my cardi, get up from my chair (without leaving a sweaty residue), and enjoy a steaming hot, chai latte.

2. Keep connected
We have computers, laptops and Wi-Fi. Oh my!

Common-use computers are available in the library. Did you know you can use them for things other than downloading your lecture notes from Learning@Griffith? Now’s the time to catch up on all the stuff you missed during the semester. Hello, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed!

Or if you prefer to recline in a beanbag with a laptop or mobile device, you can do that too. Borrow a laptop from the library for free, or bring your own device and connect to the university Wi-Fi.

3. Enjoy some peace and quiet
It’s a library… shhh! Although it may seem like a hive of activity during the semester (with the associated loud buzzing), the library is so, so quiet this time of year. As Darryl Kerrigan would say, ‘how’s the serenity?’.

4. Save money
We have so many entertaining activities to choose from which won’t cost you a cent.

There’s the Xbox at the Gold Coast campus, popular magazines and newspapers online and then there are the books. Print books, eBooks, kid’s books, big books, fiction books…

And yes, we totally have the book with the red cover that your friend borrowed last month. It’s upstairs on the shelf next to the yellow book.

Bats off to Mt Gravatt Library for a stellar storytime

The school kids at Yarranlea Primary are batty for books! They visited Mt Gravatt campus library on Friday for a bat-themed storytime.

Library Campus Services, Team Member, Jana Rutledge read them the story of Stellaluna; an award-winning picture book by Janell Cannon about the adventures of a lost baby fruit bat.

The Yarranlea kids were so engrossed in the story they didn’t bat an eyelid when Rachel, a volunteer from Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland, popped by with two baby fruit bats during the book reading.

But once the book was finished and Stellaluna was reunited with her mum (#spoileralert), the kids were excited to gather around and see a real life bat.

They listened intently as Rachel introduced them to the wrapped-up bundles of black and grey fur. The grey-headed flying fox was named Felix whereas the black-headed baby was nameless until the kids christened him Fletcher.

Fletcher and Felix were under the care of Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland as they, like Stellaluna, had lost their mothers.

Rachel explained to her young audience that bats are killed by power lines, barbed wire, nets on fruit trees and viruses. The key message Rachel delivered to the children was to never touch a bat in trouble; if a bat bites you, it will have to be destroyed. Only people trained and vaccinated should handle bats.

If you see a bat on electricity wires or caught in barbed wire or netting, call the 24-hour Rescue Hotline: 0488 228 134. Check out the Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland website for more information.

Did you know Katie Noonan was a Con Artist?

Australian vocal stars, including Katie Noonan, returned to the Queensland Conservatorium
to take to the stage alongside the Con Artists in 2014.

It’s true!  Singer, and former Griffith student, Katie Noonan was once a member of the Conservatorium’s show piece student jazz band, the Con Artists.

Internationally renowned jazz musician, John Hoffman was employed by the Conservatorium in 1995 to start a Griffith University ‘big band’.

The band was established to provide an opportunity for aspiring Griffith jazz musicians and composers to ‘work’ in a band by collaborating and then publicly performing.

There was some ‘tinkering’ with the name of this ensemble. However, it doesn’t take much imagination to appreciate how the name the Con Artists came about and was eventually settled upon.

After establishing the initial band members and engaging in rehearsal, the band gave their first ever public performance in June of 1996.

Katie Noonan (think Aussie band George) is perhaps the most well-known former member of the Con Artists. Other former members include Megan Washington and Elly Hoyt. We also have two former band members working as lecturers at the Conservatorium – Head of Jazz, Dr Stephen Newcomb and Teacher, Kristin Berardi.

The Con Artists project continues to provide a platform where our music students can experience their first major public performance, first musical collaboration, and record their first CD. The Con Artists have released eight CD’s to date.

Twenty years on, the band is recognised as one of our country’s premiere university musical performance groups.

Check out the Griffith Archives slideshow about this unique Griffith mainstay. The display provides a chronology of the group including interviews with past and present members, live performance footage and some images.

Want more? You can borrow the Con Artists CD’s from Griffith University Library.

Have you seen the Griffith Mace?

The original Griffith University Ceremonial Mace.

The original Griffith University Ceremonial Mace.

No, we haven’t lost it! The Griffith University Ceremonial Mace is currently on display at the Nathan campus Library. Walk through the library front doors, look to your left, and you’ll see it laying majestically in a glass display cabinet.

It’s our original Griffith Mace. Fashioned in 1979, it was commissioned to be a symbol of prestige and authority for our university.

The Griffith Mace is made from timber (Queensland Beech tree) and is painted in the Griffith colours of the time – cornflower blue and red. The head of the Mace has five scholarly figures which are intended to represent things such as discovery, knowledge, enquiry and integrity.

As is the case with most ceremonial maces, it was intended to represent standing, prominence and distinction. Essentially, the Mace is a symbol of Griffith’s ‘authority and power’ as a university.

This rendering of the Griffith Mace was replaced in 2005 by a more contemporary design. Check out the photo on the Griffith Archive. Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

Maces have been around for centuries. Originally, the mace was a weapon but over time evolved into a ceremonial ornament used to represent governance, power and authority.

It was traditionally used by royalty (kings and queens) and ‘The Church’ as a symbol of their right to rule.

In time, universities also began to use maces. They mostly used them in a ceremonial capacity – adding the object to their coat of arms and having decorative maces made to symbolise their prestige and authority.

It is not known exactly when universities started using maces – but the University of St Andrews in Scotland has three ceremonial maces (kept on permanent display at the Museum of the University of St Andrews) that date back to the 15th century.

Have a holly jolly job search


— Written by Alex Hargreaves. Originally published on the Careers & Employment Blog

With Christmas on the way, it’s a good idea to start thinking about how you can earn a little extra cash over the holiday period.  If you’re unemployed, you will probably have an abundance of free time on your hands.

It’s a great idea to invest that time into gaining work experience and earning money. Your friends and family will be grateful for it too, as you can ditch the home made jewellery/scrapbook and buy your loved ones something they really want this year.

Christmas is an ideal time to get a job, as so many more jobs become available due to the uprise of people filling up the shopping isles and lining up in the centre food courts.  In fact, studies show that casual job openings increase by 170% during the Christmas period, with 87% of those jobs being created by the retail industry.

Here are some easy tips you can put into practice to help you land a casual gig these holidays!

1. Utilise Careers and Employment Services


There are many services within Griffith Careers and Employment that you can tap into before your holidays begin that will increase your chance of scoring a job this silly season.

Have you signed up for Unitemps?  Unitemps are Griffith’s own internal recruitment agency and they can assist greatly in your job search.

If you register to Unitemps and upload your resume and cover letter, our consultants will be in touch if they hear of a job which matches your skill set.  Read more about temp work here.

Seen a Careers Counsellor lately?  Careers Counsellors can give advice about anything careers related.  They will make sure your resume is up to standard, your LinkedIn is optimized to perfection and they can even provide you with guidance on your overall career direction and progression.

It’s a good idea to get your resume checked by a Careers Counsellor before you upload it to the Unitemps site, as this will increase your chances of scoring a role through them.

Many Christmas casual jobs are being uploaded to Careerboard in the lead up to the holidays, make sure you check the job board regularly! Read the rest of this entry »

Semester’s over! Time to celebrate


You made it! See, we told you that you’d survive. The roller-coaster ride of emotions, study, assessment, time management struggles and exams, that we call semester is over. Welcome to summer break!

To everyone graduating this semester – congratulations!! We’ll miss seeing you around. Please keep in touch – you can easily stay connected as an alumni.

To everyone coming back next semester – congratulations for (1) surviving!, and (2) getting to return to the wonderful world of Griffith in February next year!

Meanwhile, we hope you relax and rejuvenate over the break. For some added fun, we have taken the liberty of listing a few activities to help fill up your break (which are totally affordable on a student budget):

1. Sleep (like, the whole first week)
Location: Bed
Cost: Free

2. See a band perform
Location: Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm
Cost: Free

3. Visit GOMA (pros: air con)
Location: South Bank
Cost: Free

4. Go Stand-up Paddle Boarding
Location: Currumbin Boatshed
Cost: $15 for 1 hour hire

5. Catch a movie at the Yatala Drive-In Theatre (and you can bring your pooch with you!)
Location: Staplyton
Cost: $14

6. Ride a Segway
Location: Riverlife, Kangaroo Point
Cost: From $39

7. Take a dip at the Currumbin Rock Pools
Location: Currumbin Valley
Cost: Free

8. Go ice-skating and escape the heat
Location: Iceworld, Acacia Ridge
Cost: $18 + $1 skate hire

Comment below if you have any more suggestions.