What do Zombies and studying at university have in common?

Did you know that we have bona fide Zombie experts on campus?

New PictureDr Peta-Anne Zimmerman (School of Nursing and Midwifery, Gold Coast) and her colleague, Mr Matt Mason (University of the Sunshine Coast) recently presented a paper and wrote a special feature on the use of the pop-culture reference to zombies as a teaching device to improve infection prevention and control practice.

Through their research they found there is a theoretical basis to using “pop-culture pedagogy”. This is particularly interesting as global health events, such as SARS, avian influenza and Ebola, appear to be correlated with a spike in infectious bio-horror (zombie) films. The full story can be found in the Australian Hospital and Healthcare Bulletin.

Find out more about pop culture and pedagogy – Book in to see a research expert in the library.

Unlimited Access to Newspapers Online via PressReader!

PressReader available on any device 24/7PressReader (aka Library Press Display) provides online access to over 2,000 local, regional and international newspapers and magazines from over 100 countries in 60 languages, displayed in their original format and accessible by country, language, or title.  This service delivers the previous 90 days of each newspaper title. PressReader is Mobile access optimised.

Search for PressReader  on the library catalogue to access.

No more waiting inline to physically read today’s paper in the library, possibly finding it damaged or even missing. You can now access your daily worldwide newspaper fix 24/7 on your mobile device from anywhere, no waiting.

artists books brisbane event (abbe)

CC BY SA Peter Brantley

Hand made books, Peter Brantley, CC BY SA

The Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research (GCCAR), Queensland College of Art (QCA), South Bank is hosting the artists books brisbane event 2015 (abbe) in July.

The Queensland College of Art (QCA) Library will feature in this year’s abbe. The Library’s current collection of artists’ books will be on display from 14 to 24 July. The exhibition is being organised by Therese Nolan-Brown (Visual Arts Librarian) and Donald Jeffrey (Library Campus Coordinator).

The QCA Library collection will be the first stop for abbe participants as they make their way to the State Library of Queensland and Brisbane Galleries. The abbe tour is being held on Saturday 18 July from 8am to 11am.

Initiated by QCA, which offers the widest range of visual art programs in Australia, abbe is an international conference on critical thinking about artists’ books. Editors of two prominent journals, as well as leading Australian artists and scholars in the field, will be participating in the conference. Selected papers from the conference will subsequently be published in an Australian volume of JAB: The Journal of Artists Books.

According to the abbe 2015 website, the conference “will lay groundwork for the ongoing engagement of antipodean artists and scholars in the field of artists books. This conference will interest those making, writing about, collecting and exhibiting artists books.”

The conference will be supported by an artists book fair and exhibition “that will put on show the diverse range of books being made by contemporary antipodean artists, creative writers and more.”

The exhibition and book fair are open to the public.

  • Books by Artists Exhibition
    16 -24 July 2015
    Webb Gallery, Queensland College of Art, South Bank
  • Artists’ Book Fair
    Friday 17th July, 2 pm – 5 pm; and
    Saturday 18th July, 10 am – 5 pm
    Level 7, Webb Centre, Queensland College of Art, South Bank

If you would like to know more about the QCA Library artists’ book display, please contact Therese Nolan-Brown, t.nolan-brown@griffith.edu.au.


Storytime in the Library

Did you know there is a primary school on the Mt. Gravatt campus? The Yarranlea Primary school shares the campus grounds and the Mt. Gravatt library is opening its doors to the students.

On Friday 26 June, the library played host to Storytime with the students. This comes as part of the libraries plan to implement activities that engage with the communities, addressing library goals. Each month, the students will walk from the primary school to the Mt. Gravatt Library in M13 and will be read a story by a Library Campus Services team member.

There has already been one Storytime in the library and it was a great success. They will be doing a larger event in August as part of Children’s Book Week – so stay tuned!

Storytime at MTG

Storytime at Mt Gravatt Library

Storytime at MTG

Who loves Storytime? ME!!

Storytime at MTG

Listening intently at Storytime

Storytime at MTG

Word bingo at Storytime

Storytime at MTG

Word bingo at Storytime

Storytime at MTG

Word bingo at Storytime

Storytime at MTG

Colouring in at Storytime

Storytime at MTG

Colouring in at Storytime

Research Storage Service

As a researcher, have you been storing and sharing your digital data and files with other researchers around the world on Dropbox? While Dropbox is a handy tool to share files with others, it contravenes the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. Files stored on Dropbox are stored offshore and cannot be assured as fully secure.

Griffith University’s Research Storage Service is available to all researchers and facilitates the storing, sharing and synchronising of digital data at the university. It is designed as a replacement for data stored on external hard drives or DVDs that researchers have accumulated, and to ensure that data is stored in a fully secure location in Australia. The service may be used by researchers, staff associated with research and HDR candidates.


To request an account , visit the website at research-storage.griffith.edu.au and fill in the Contact Us web form or ask a colleague who has an account to add you as a user. After confirmation of the creation of your account, you can access it anytime and anywhere using your Griffith login, Google+ or Linked In details.

All data and files on your work computer or mobile devices can be mirrored through a sync mechanism that you can set up within the service. Changes to synced files on a local computer will be reflected immediately in the corresponding file in the Research Storage service.

For answers to your questions about the service, read the FAQ website, the User Manual, fill in the Contact Us web form or phone extension 55555.

Queensland Music Festival: A time to shine

Did you know that our Conservatorium of Music (QCGU) is involved with the Queensland Music Festival next month?

The Queensland Music Festival (QMF), with artistic director James Morrison, runs from 19th July to 2nd August 2015 with numerous events across the state including concerts, masterclasses and community events. Many of the community events are free of charge. The Queensland Conservatorium will be a venue for some of the events, they include (but are not limited to):

One way for the community in Brisbane to become involved in the festival is via Keys to the City. There will be pop up pianos in various locations such as parks and libraries. These pianos will be available to anyone to come and play: young or old, solo or group. You can register online or just turn up!

The final event, Keys on the Green, will feature QMF artistic director James Morrison, jazz pianist Marian Petrescu and singer Fatai. This free event on the 2nd August at 1:30 pm will have a special mass piano performance by Conservatorium students and include stand-out performers from Keys to the City.

There are many different events during the three week festival, with something to suit everyone. For more information visit the website: Queensland Music Festival

The Conservatorium of Music holds events on a regular basis, many of which are presented by our students as part of their academic program. These are open to the community and information is available via Queensland Conservatorium.

Exam Strategies and Preparation

"Hand completing a multiple choice exam." by  Alberto G. with CC licence CC BY 2.0

“Hand completing a multiple choice exam.” by
Alberto G. with CC licence CC BY 2.0

Are you prepared for exams in June? Are you getting the pre-exam jitters? Exam time is always a stressful time for students in the university. Take heart that you are not alone and many other students are experiencing exactly the same difficulties as you are.

Our Learning Advisers understand what you are going through and have some great strategies and tips to get you through this difficult period of your study and may increase your chances of getting good marks despite the stress. A number of these exam strategies are available to you on the Library website to help you understand how to approach different types of questions, what to do in the exam itself and how to deal with the stress that you may experience.

Additional advice on exam preparation and time management are available online at “Strategies for Academic Success”. Alternatively, book a session with one of our Learning Advisers and get some quick advice tailored towards your particular circumstances.



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