Why Google apps are the APPsolute best

iphone-410311_1280Wondering how you can develop organisational skills that would put Monica from Friends to shame?

Developing organisational prowess is key to university success. Which is why it’s time to say goodbye to sticky note to-do lists and hello to your most organised uni semester yet! But how? With Google, of course.

Google offers a range of apps that make organising your timetable, group assignments, emails, contacts, appointments and documents a piece of delicious easy-to-use cake.


Apps include:

  • Gmail – your fabulous Griffith email account with crazy storage capabilities
  • Drive and Docs – create, store and share your important documents in Google Drive – anywhere, anytime (plus share and simultaneously work on the same Google document with other students)
  • Contacts – access Griffith specific information and add, edit, star or share contacts easily
  • Calendar – organise your study schedule with the calendar and you’ll be a time-management ninja in no time
  • Sites – Work with others to build sites with information that’s easily accessible to the people who need it – and don’t worry, you decide just who those ‘people’ are.

You’ll also be Appy to hear that as a Griffith student you automatically receive a Google account that lasts a lifetime.

Hungry for more information? Head over to the Google Apps support page. Or search the Google Play Store to download the whole set and let the organisation bliss begin.



International Day of Women and Girls in Science

WSF7-468x368Today the world is celebrating women and girls in science so we’ve decided to join in by celebrating Griffith’s very own science Alumni.

This annual day is an initiative of the United Nations and aims to inspire and engage with women and girls to increase gender equality within the global science community.

Griffith’s very own Science Alumni 

Mimi Venker
Exercise Science Graduate, Mimi ran away with the circus to work with the amazingly-talented Cirque du Soleil acrobats travelling far and wide with the world-renowned performers. She went on to become a physiotherapist and worked as the performance medicine supervisor on tour, looking after 50 artists.

Kylie Catterall
Thanks to her Griffith PhD in Environmental Chemistry, Kylie is helping keep the Gold Coast’s waterways clean and continues to work in collaboration with Griffith University. Her science degree has lead to an amazing career that is increasing water quality and promoting environmental sustainability.

Want to meet more kick-ass females in science? TED’s 12 badass scientists that happen to be women showcases women from around the world achieving amazing results in their field.

Feeling inspired? Find out more about Griffith’s science degrees. Griffith has an option for any science area that interests you. You can study biological, biomedical, chemical, environmental, forensic, marine or physical sciences.

Alternatively, find out more about the big wide world of science at the World Science Festival Brisbane (Griffith is an event partner) which begins across Brisbane on 9 March. Check out the full program and venues.

Don’t forget, as a Griffith student you can access the Library’s PressReader which has some fantastic science publications like Science Illustrated and Popular Science.


Discover your student discounts

Back to school bargains are a year-round bonus for enrolled Griffith students.


Whether you’re a returning student or just getting ready to join us next month, you’ve probably realised student budgeting isn’t easy even if you only eat Mie goreng noodles.

But we’ve got a silver lining that could help save a few pennies! As a Griffith student you have access to some pretty brilliant computing and software savings. So, prepare for your wallet to get a little healthier…


Student software discounts are available for a range of software applications. The full list is available online.

Office 365 Education for Students is available for free to students who are enrolled at Griffith University. Install Office on up to five PCs or Macs and on other mobile devices, including Android, iPad®, and Windows tablets. You don’t need a Product Key, just check your eligibility and download it directly from Microsoft.


The Symantec Norton offer for Griffith University includes 50% off selected Norton products, Norton 360, Norton Internet Security and Norton Internet Security for Mac. Register with your Griffith email address to receive this discount.

It’s Griffith in the palm of your hand! Campus maps, timetables, events, course materials, library, news, bus timetables and more. Available on any smartphone including Apple iOS and Android devices. All other devices can access the app via the mobile web site.

Computing discounts

If you are interested in purchasing laptops or other computer equipment for study then our friends over at Dell, HP and Apple provide student discounts for Griffith University students. Visit your fav computing brand’s student website and shop until your heart’s content – Dell Student Deals, Apple Education Store, or HP Griffith Store.

  • Still saving up for a new shiny laptop?

Griffith also provides a range of computers for student use. These include:

  • Common-usecomputer labs: these are available for all students to use. Some labs are available 24/7; view the availability on your campus now. Common-use computers are also available in the library.
  • Schoolbased computers: some areas of study have specialist computing needs and the relevant school provides access for this. These may be PC or Mac labs. For further information about access to these facilities, contact your school.
  • Laptops are available to borrow from the library for free.

For more great deals or information, visit Griffith’s Student Computing.

Fly into Uni life!

Get help with your Uni prep and soar into Semester 1!








With a little help from the Library’s Earlybird Workshops you could be worming your way into top grades this Uni year!

The Earlybird Workshops kick off across our Library campuses on 15 February and run until just before the beginning of semester. These free sessions are perfect for first-year students or anyone wanting to brush up on their skills after their relaxing summer vacay.

The workshops offer practical and important info across a range of topics to help you ace uni life, including:

  • Strategies for study at university (2hrs)
  • Getting started on your assignment (2hrs)
  • Get ready to research (1.5hrs)
  • Reading and note-taking (2hrs)
  • Researching and Referencing for your assignments (2hrs)
  • Referencing (1.5hrs)
  • Intro to Griffith’s online environment (1.5hrs) registration required

The workshops are held across our campuses in the lead up to Semester 1. So, take a look at the timetable, check your diary and then get ready to flex your mental muscles!

Not arriving back to the country before start of Semester 1 but don’t want to miss out? Get a refresher on the plane with Griffith’s online study resource, StudySmart.

P.S. You don’t actually have to be up with the birds to attend, but some sessions are popular so book any that require registration (bookings are now open) and make sure you arrive early.

20 things you didn’t know you could do with Google

googleGoogle is now the world’s most popular website and there is no denying it’s pretty handy for just about any topic you want or need to know about.

And thanks to ShortList we’ve discovered another 20 reasons to use Google. Check out these #LifeHack worthy Google tips and tricks.

  • Spell it out!

If you’re majoring in accounting or you are a right-brained creative type, then you’ll definitely need the digits for Google’s phonetic numbers.

Simply, type in your large number sequence followed by “=english” and whala! Your number will appear ready for reading.

  •  Fontalicious fonts for all

Want to get fancy this semester? Jazz-up your assessments with Google’s free typography library. Type “Fonts” into – you guessed it – Google and peruse the beautiful array of words until your heart’s content. No, Comic Sans doesn’t feature.

  • Atari Breakout (this one comes with a serious procrastination warning)

We know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry it’s not a new genre of dance or a recently-discovered skin condition. Atari Breakout is essentially a game hidden within Google images that’s highly addictive.

Which is why we suggest exploring this Google feature when you do not, we repeat, do not have a 2000-word essay due on Monday. Trust us, we know. This blog post was scheduled for last week…Oops ;-).

  • A template for every situation

You’ll never have to stare at a blank page again thanks to Google’s document template gallery. Whether you’re writing a CV or a business report, Google’s gallery is a great place to begin before you get into the nitty gritty of your assessments. You = 1, Procrastination = 0.

  • That’s the definition of…

Stuck in an ongoing argument about what Guerilla Marketing is with no end in site? Let Google’s definition tool come to your rescue. Search “Guerilla Marketing=define” for the accepted definition and you’ll be gloating about your marketing jargon skills in no time!


Happy Googling (yes, it’s now also a verb)!

We promised 20 and we aim to please, so check out the other 15 at ShortList.


Social media for researchers

Social media has increasingly become the way that we connect in our personal, educational and business lives. In the past, collaboration and networking occurred at conferences, the workplace and through colleagues. However, the growth of internet use since the 1990’s has changed the landscape of collaboration and allowed researchers to establish connections and collaborative partnerships in locations they have never visited.

Twitter in particular has been used to generate ideas, collaborate with peers, seek opinions from other experts, gather public opinion, keep up with new developments in the field, promote publications, improve research metrics and connect with government, the press and policymakers.

Creating a profile on either ResearchGate or Academia.edu is another way to connect with other researchers, find out what they are doing and establish professional relationships that might prove fruitful.

LinkedIn is used as a professional platform to showcase a user’s skills and work history, and can be regarded as an online resume. It does have some social media aspects with a discussion feed from people a user follows, along with suggested connections in a researcher’s field or institution.

Dr Jodie Rummer, a fish ecologist from James Cook University, recently gave an informative presentation on choosing useful social media platforms and safely creating a professional digital identity. She successfully uses various forms of social media, such as Twitter, to connect with other researchers, the public or government bodies, and to help her with her teaching.

If you would like to know more about the use of social media as part of your researcher profile, please book a consultation with your Discipline Librarian.

Recycle your batteries and power up for a new year


The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to clean out that ‘junk draw’ and start fresh for the year ahead.

If you’ve got old phones and batteries rattling around remember you can dispose of them at your Griffith Library’s recycling station.

Large e-waste recycling containers are available at the Nathan and Gold Coast libraries. Smaller recycling containers are available at the Logan, Mt Gravatt, South Bank libraries as well as the Eco-Centre at Nathan.

Type of batteries accepted:

  • Laptop batteries
  • Household batteries (e.g. AA, AAA, C, D and coin/button batteries)
  • Whole mobile phones and or batteries

Each year, more than 8,000 tonnes of batteries end up in Australian landfills, and an estimated 16 million out-of-service mobile phones are lying around homes and offices across Australia. It is important to dispose of these safely and help to lessen hazardous waste disposal and its impact on our environment.

Recycling station campus locations

Gold Coast

  • Library
  • The Chancellery (G34)


  • Library
  • Student Centre (L04)

Mt Gravatt

  • Library
  • Student Centre (M06)


  • Library
  • EcoCentre (N68)

South Bank

  • Library
  • Student Centre (S01)

Find out about Griffith’s other recycling initiatives.


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