Your library


Your Griffith Library is a one-stop shop for all your studying needs. We can help you with:

Study skills

We’ve got study advice to help manage your time and how to take effective notes.

We also offer a range of study spaces to suit your study needs. Pop into your campus library to have a look around!

Assignment help

We offer hints and tips for  preparing your assignments and how to begin your research.

We got advice for writing and structuring your assignments and  managing group work.


We all know referencing can get frustrating. At the Library, we can help you understand how referencing works and why it’s important.

We can also point you in the direction of resources, such as EndNote, that can help you manage your references over time.

Software training

Digital literacy is important for university study. As a Griffith student, you can access online training for Microsoft Office products FOR FREE through Microsoft Virtual Academy.

Specialist advice

If you require further assistance with your studies, the Library offers consultations with library specialists. These specialists can assist you with improving your academic writing, study skills, referencing, and research needs.

Jump back into study!


It’s a new year, we’re back and ready to jump into studies for 2020 – are you?

If not (or if you just need a little help to get back into it), don’t fret – the Library is more than books on shelves. We’ve got workshops and specialist advice to help you make the most of your university study, spaces for those who need silence and those who like to have a chat, and friendly staff who can help you with all your library needs.

We’re here to help, so check out Ask Us 24/7, contact us by phone, email, chat or find us in person.

Welcome back!


We hope you had a fantastic break and enjoyed the time off with family and friends. Griffith Library also took a short break over the holidays but we’re back today and ready to jump into 2020!


Here are our opening hours and roll on 2020!

Holiday hours at the Library


2019 is almost over which means we’re coming up to holidays and the new decade. Students and staff alike will be taking a break over the holidays to celebrate, have some fun (and most importantly, catch up on sleep).

Australia Day hours

Griffith Library will officially close from 5pm December 24, 2019 and will reopen on Thursday 2 January 2020. Full 2019-2020 summer break hours are available here and remember, you can still access all our digital resources while the Library is closed if you need to catch up or just want to get ahead.

New myGriffith coming in 2020

All your student stuff in one place myGriffith

We have some exciting news: in February 2020, as many of you will be settling into a new year of studies, we will be unveiling your new myGriffith portal — your student portal that many of you have given your time and thoughts to over the last year. We’ve sent out questions and surveys; many of you have participated in discussions — and we’ve heard your call. 

We thank you for your honest feedback. The original myGriffith was launched five years ago, and it’s wild how much the world can change in that time. We wondered what your experience of the myGriffith student portal is, and how we can make it exactly what you need as you go about your busy lives as students and humans in this busy world. 

myGriffith 2020 will allow you to personalise your own portal with more and simpler ways to access and navigate your notices, calendar, timetable and support services. It will have a whole new look and offer a visually intuitive experience with quick access to courses in Learning@Griffith, your weekly schedule and fee information. 

screen shot of new mygriffith

We’re thrilled to be sharing this myGriffith evolution with you and we will also continue to want to hear from you so that we can keep up to date with how myGriffith is working for you. Let’s keep up the communication.  

We look forward to seeing you in the portal next year. 

Look after yourself


Studying at university can be a stressful time in your life. Make sure you look after yourself and take the time to do something other than hit the books. This could be:

  • Chilling out in the library – the designated Safe Place for LGBTIQ+ staff and students.
  • Checking out the back catalogue of Lightning Talks.  They were all recorded and are now available online for you to watch whenever you like. There’s a range of talks on topics such as sustainability, equality, creativity, crime and punishment and much more.
  • Take a break! Get outside and take a walk, chat with friends and remember that while your studies are important, there’s more to life.

Studying in T3

Don’t forget to check out these resources to boost your studies!