5 reasons why you should follow our Instagram

Not only are we the best library blog on the planet, we are even dominating #socialmedia. You see, we’ve got Twitter and Facebook, but today is all about the #Insta!

  1. 1. We care about our #students, give #studytips and remind you referencing is kind of a big deal, with #consequences.
  2. 2. We use our degrees to teach you about native Australian flora such as #wattles being technically a fluorescence, not a flower!
  3. 3. We give some good #motivational advice to help you #succeed with your #studies.
  4. 4. We like #libraries and #librarians even when they aren’t our own and love we kept #oldschoollibrarian photos!
  5. 5. We love #books and #animals – and let’s be honest, if you don’t love those things, should we really be #friends?

In fact, one user said they’ve “been astonished by” our “awesome work for some time” and we are choosing to believe it’s not a bot due to our popularity over QUT Library Instagram!

P.S. We are just playing with you QUT Library, we actually love you guys and the playful rivalry we have together!

Pressreader: Your one-stop-shop for healthy options this Silly Season

Ah Christmas. A time for obligatory family events, good (and bad) presents, and of course FOOD.

Yes, that’s right, I said food. Commence drooling.

Your Grandma will make her heavenly cheesecake, your visiting cousin will bring decadent chicken smothered in heavy sauce and Dad better make that Mars Bar slice you know and love from childhoods past.

But all of these yummy options are a liiiiittle likely to undo all your #gymselfie hard work. By all means, let’s indulge and enjoy ourselves. It’s Christmas! But maybe somewhere on that groaning table full of amazing treats, there might be just a little room for some ahem healthier options.

Through the wonderful library catalogue you have access to Pressreader. And in addition to giving you the daily news and all the goss you could possibly ask for about Harry and Meghan #royalwedding2.0, there are also magazines with recipes.

That’s right kids, recipes still come in hard copy…or the electronic version of a hard copy in this case.

Jump onto Pressreader and find a few recipes that will give you a healthy choice for at least one of your hopefully many Christmas meals, and above all, be safe and have fun this holiday season.


Save time researching using our subject guides

Don’t pull your hair out like Kurt!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when starting to research for a topic? Kinda like you’re getting more results than annoying notifications from that group chat you’re totally over.

I mean, you search for Nirvana in terms of their influence on the early ‘90s grunge scene, but instead you get heaps of useless results on liberation from rebirth?? [insert confused emoji here]

Wouldn’t it be super convenient if you could just go to one webpage that listed all the databases and resources you needed for your study area. So you’re not searching for music history and getting Buddhist philosophy?

Well, you totally can!

Our discipline librarians have worked hard to compile all the databases and key information resources you’ll need for your subject area into one centralised area. Just go to the Borrowing and Resources library page, and select your subject area under Library guides.

You can select a broad area, such as Health, to see all relevant databases. Or you can further narrow your selection to a specific discipline area, such as Nursing and Midwifery for more detailed information.

Using the resources in these subject guides can help ensure you’re finding information relevant to your specific subject area.

For further help with researching, check out our Study Smart tutorial.

6 fun magazines you can access via PressReader

We get it. This time of year can be tough on your bank balance. So it’s the perfect time to utilise the library’s subscription to PressReader.

Yep, not everything in the library is serious and scholarly! We have some pretty awesome stuff that you can enjoy over the break.

One of our most popular resources is an online newspaper and magazine app called PressReader. It’s chock full of domestic and international newspapers and magazines you can get stuck into in your spare time.

Cosmopolitan (Australia)

Cosmopolitan inspires a new generation of young women, starting conversations and pressing the issues that matter to her. Curating her wardrobe, championing great relationships and encouraging her to shop, laugh, think, love and dream, Cosmopolitan propels her into the future as the best version of herself (Bauer Media).

Lonely Planet (UK)

Lonely Planet is the definitive source of imaginative travel inspiration, allowing its readers to discover the world through fresh eyes and add original experiences to their wish lists. It covers the UK and a broad range of global destinations, getting under the skin of many familiar and far less explored destinations. The award-winning brand features intelligent, atmospheric insights from Lonely Planet’s unique international network of travel writers, alongside spectacular photography which guarantees to truly ‘take the reader there’ each month like no other travel magazine can (Immediate Media Co.).

GQ (Australia)

GQ Australia is the essential guide for today’s modern man – with lessons in individual style, grooming and fitness, plus advice on how to have a successful career, travel like a gent, and be the most charming guy in the room. Live by GQ Australia: be sharper, smarter, better (Mags Online).

Australian Geographic

Australian Geographic has been the nation’s foremost geographical destination magazine for over 30 years. It captures the essence and spirit of Australia through its meticulously crafted and beautifully presented stories and photography. The highly respected, authoritative and much-loved brand seeks to inspire, educate and entertain, connecting readers to Australian landscapes, plants and animals, science, industry and people (Bauer Media).


Hyper is Australia’s longest-running multi-platform gaming magazine. With over twenty years of experience, Hyper delivers an exciting blend of in-depth, entertaining features on gaming culture from a seasoned team of passionate gamers (Next Media).

Australian HiFi

Since 1969, Australian Hi-Fi Magazine has kept audiophiles up to date on all the latest advances in audio technology and the hi-fi components available to enjoy music. All equipment reviews and music reviews are written by professionals who are experts in their respective fields, and are checked for accuracy by experienced sub-editors (Enjoy the Music.com).

Brush up on your study skills

How’s your trimester going?

With the end of year break just around the corner, now’s the time to run away and never come back brush up on your study skills!

Have you checked out our Study Smart tutorial yet?

We have a range of self-help materials to help you totally nail your studies!

If you’re new to uni, you can get an online orientation to the library! Then go on to learn about critical thinking, time management, reading effectively and effective note taking.

Now – become a pro at uni assessment, following our tutorials for preparing for your assignment, writing your assignment, referencing (trust us, it’s super important to be on top of this – and not nearly as daunting as it seems!) and exam prep.

We’ve even got info to help you brush up your social media skills. We know, you’re Millennials, what can we teach you? But take a squiz, you might actually learn something – like how to use social media to help land a job!

Vote for your favourite Christmas tree!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As the end of year holidays fast approach, our resident librarians are clearly very excited about the holiday season.

While they’re yet to hijack the PA system and subject you to Mariah Carey’s Christmas album on repeat, they have instead gone a little more modest and decorated our library foyers – and we reckon they’ve done a pretty darn good job! In fact, they’ve even got students helping decorate – with fun activity stations set up for students to create snowflake decorations or write festive messages to hang.

Now, while we don’t advocate competitiveness (our librarians are friends, who work together, not in competition with each other – teamwork, people!), a little poll is always fun. So – whether you’re a Griffith University student, staff member or simply random Christmas tree enthusiast, we want your opinion.

Which campus Christmas tree is your favourite? Are you a fan of extravagance (hey, now’s the time for it!)? Or maybe you adhere to Coco Chanel’s motto of less is more. Let us know, and cast your vote below! Voting closes at 5 pm on Tuesday 19 December.

Do something good this silly season


It’s less than 17 days until a certain event!

We’ll wait until all the people who give presents calculate shopping days and work out layby costs.

Here’s some elevator music while the rest of us wait.

Back?  Cool. Cool – cool – cool.  Regardless of what, or how you celebrate this season, it is the perfect time of year to think of others.

If you have a few free spots in your calendar (especially if you’re taking a break this Trimester 3), you may want to give the gift of your time and volunteer.

We know volunteering can take up a lot of time and may need you to be reliable. To make it easier, below are some super simple things that can slip nicely into an already scheduled holiday season.

If you have gift wrapping skills, you could gift wrap at Westfield.  The shifts are between 2.5 to 5 hours from 2 December at various times.  If you are not near Garden City, feel free to check out Logan Hyperdome, Strathpine, Brisbane Myer Centre or even Pacific Fair.

Perhaps you’re an avid singer. You can utilise your ability singing carols and volunteer to be part of the IGA Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols at River Stage, 9 December.  If Brisbane is a bit far for Gold Coasters to travel, you can help out at the Broadbeach Christmas Carols on the same evening.

Those with talent to pack are welcome to lend their services to packing hampers at Elanora and Caloundra.

Some other places to think about include:

If you have a chance to volunteer more long term, there are multiple different opportunities such as monthly Saturday BBQs or living the Australian Dream of a Bunnings sausage vendor!

And don’t forget that employers love this stuff! It demonstrates your warm side, helps you build employability skills, and provides opportunities for growth.

If you know of any other volunteer opportunities, make sure you leave a comment below.