Name the space and win!

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Have you seen this space? It’s the new student space on Level 3 of the Library on the Gold Coast Campus.

With group study desks, booths, computer facilities, and comfy lounges, we know you’ll love the space. You may have heard it called the Green Room, due to its Kermit-coloured furnishings, but it needs an official name. That’s where you come in.

We are confident our bright and creative Griffith students will come up with a great name! In fact, we are so confident we are putting money on it – $100 to be exact!

Share your idea below in the comments, or pop it in the entry box by Friday 27 May 2016 and the money and glory could be yours!  Entry box is located near the entrance to this space on level 3 of the Gold Coast library.

Competition T&Cs
  • There will be one winner of the Name this Space competition
  • Competition entries will not be accepted after 5pm Friday 27 May 2016
  • The winning entry will be selected by a panel of Information Services staff
  • The winner will be notified within 28 days
  • Prizes are non-transferable and there are no cash or prize alternatives available
  • The winner’s first name will be published on the Library’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Blog


Seeking HDR candidates and supervisors

Photo of a cup of coffee and cookies on a table

Coffee + cookies | Image by Flickr user @Epicantus

Are you a HDR candidate or supervisor with an interest in the training needs of HDR candidates?

The Library is seeking HDR candidates and supervisors to join us for a coffee and chat about the Library’s HDR workshop series. If you haven’t attended an HDR workshop, that’s ok, come along!

We are holding a series of focus groups at the Nathan and Gold Coast campus’ in May and June. You’ll get to meet other HDR candidates/supervisors and have a chat about skills development for HDR candidates .

Register here.

When is the best time to run?


Run Forrest! Run!

Well, anytime you are being chased by zombies (or anything that can seriously harm you!) is a pretty good reason to pick up the pace.

Or if you’ve registered for the Annual Nathan Dash – today is the day to put on those running shoes! The big event has finally arrived, and from this day onwards, you could forever be known as the fastest on campus… Nice huh?

No excuses if you haven’t registered. Hot foot it down to the Campus Heart at 12pm to cheer on the competitors.

Hosted by Griffith Sport, the Nathan Dash is an annual sprint through the centre of the Nathan campus.

The 660m course will start at the Campus Heart, travel along the Johnson Path, through the underpass through to The Hub, circle down passing in front of the Centre for Interfaith & Cultural Dialogue and return back down the Johnson Path to finish back in the Campus Heart.

Check out the course map (PDF 175K).

Races will be held from 12pm – 2pm. For more information, head to the Griffith Sport Nathan Dash page.

Scooby Doo, where are you? Alexander Street of course!


Alexander Street Press has video’s…. lots and lots of videos!

You can find documentaries, television series (like the American 60 Minutes, and Meet the Press), instructional materials, interviews, biographies and more!

But it also has a little something for film buffs, film students, film scholars, and anyone looking for a cinematic experience in their reading material.

Alexander Street Press contains the Film Scripts Online collection. Film Scripts Online contains over 1,100 scripts and makes available accurate and authorised versions of copyrighted screenplays. You can compare the writer’s vision with the producer’s and director’s interpretations from page to screen.

The script archives go a fair way back. Can we interest you in something from the 1930’s? There is a musical by Lloyd Bacon starring twinkle-toed Ginger Rogers (42nd Street). Or maybe you are keen for something more adventurous? The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1938) may be right up your alley (or river…)

That’s not say contemporary content is amiss. There is a selection of scripts from the last decade or two. Have a read of The Departed (2006), Scooby Doo (2002) or Oceans Eleven (2001).

Can’t find your way around the database? Check out the helpful video tutorials and quick reference guides in the Alexander Street Press Resource Centre.

Drop-in for help with legal research and referencing

water droplet

Drop-in for help with legal research and referencing

As one of our learned legal-beagle students, you’ll be pleased with the lineup of law drop-in sessions at the Nathan and Gold Coast campus this month (and yes, legal-beagle is an actual phrase).

With six sessions available, you can consult with a bonafide legal research specialist and get assistance with legal research (duh!) and legal referencing. The sessions are open to undergraduate and postgraduate law students.

You may benefit from a law drop-in session if you:

  • are commencing legal research
  • want to be sure you have accessed all relevant legal information
  • need help locating and retrieving the legal information you’ve identified
  • need some tips on refining your search strategies for the legal databases

Now, if your tutor or lecturer has asked you to locate specific legislation or case law as part of an assignment, you may be sent on your merry way. They can’t do the work for you! Our Law Librarians have taken the Librarian Oath to never, ever, ever, under any circumstances, do an assignment for a student (not really, but you do understand how dodgy it would be for them to help with this right?).

But for guidance with search terms, advice on online tools and databases and help deciphering the AGLC, these law drop-in sessions have your back.

Drop-in to any of these sessions:

  • Nathan: Wednesday 4th May (1.49) 1.00- 2.00pm
  • Gold Coast: Thursday 5th May (2.09) 11.00am- 2pm
  • Gold Coast: Wednesday 11th May (2.04) 12.00-1.00pm
  • Nathan: Thursday 12th May (1.50) 11.00am-12.00pm
  • Gold Coast: Wednesday 18th May (2.04) 12.00-1.30pm
  • Nathan: Thursday 19th May (1.49) 11.30am-12.30pm

Can’t make to any of the sessions? (seriously, not even one?) We have online resources to help you, help yourself. Check out the comprehensive  Law Library Guide – it’s a one-stop-shop for all the legal research resources you could ever need.

e-Textbooks make life easier and your bag lighter

Hold on to your hats! e-Textbooks are here

Hold on to your hats! e-Textbooks are here.

Like many academic libraries around the world, Griffith Library is moving towards digital access to textbooks (e-textbooks).

We try to provide our students with an e-textbook where possible, so you can access textbooks at any time, from anywhere (because who doesn’t enjoy freedom like that?).

Let’s face it, nobody wants to lug around heavy, bulky textbooks. With e-textbooks, you can read them on your home computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device. No heavy lifting required!  And if you want to read a print copy, you still can. Simply, print out the chapter you want.


Keen to find out if your textbook is available electronically? Search the Library Catalogue:

  • Click Books (located above the Search Box)
  • Select the Ebooks only checkbox
  • Enter the title of your textbook
  • Click Search

Your course readings may also be available electronically. To find them:

  • Go to the Library Catalogue
  • Click More (located above the Search Box)
  • Click Course readings
  • Enter your course code or course title
  • Click Search

Studying science? Check out these brand new science e-textbooks: Read the rest of this entry »

How to print from your Apple device


Back in ye olde days, printing at university was a bit of a drama. It involved print cards, print queues, and floppy disks. It’s the historical equivalent of previous generations walking six kilometres to school, in the snow, barefoot. It was tough! (or so the story goes).

But those days are long gone and printing in 2016 is super easy! Especially now that you can print straight from your Apple device.

Simply download, install, and configure a free copy of iCMSIP from the App Store. It allows you to print Microsoft and PDF documents from your iPhone or iPad at all campuses.

If you need a bit of help, don’t stress, check out the Student Printing page for full download and configuration instructions.

This Week in the Library – Week 9


Take control of your thesis and attend the Creating a thesis with style (1.5 hours) session on Friday. With practical, time-saving tips and tricks, the workshop will show you how to use Microsoft Word more effectively.

Library and Learning Services workshops are FREE and available to all students, HDR candidates and staff. To view the entire workshop timetable, please visit the Workshops and Training web page.

Computing Skills

Bookings are required for all computing workshops.

Date Time Workshop Location Campus
Wed 4/5 9.30 Long Documents Made Easy (3 hours) Library (G10_2.04) Gold Coast
Fri 6/5 9.30 Excel: Formulas and Organising Data (3 hours) Library (G10_2.04) Gold Coast

Higher Degree Research Skills

This series of workshops is targeted to support Higher Degree Candidates along all stages of the research lifecycle. Bookings are required for all HDR workshops.

Date Time Workshop Location Campus
Tues 3/5 10.00 Build and leverage your research profile (1.5 hours) Library (G10_2.09) Gold Coast
Wed 4/5 1.00 The editing and writing process (2 hours) Library (N53_1.51) Nathan
Thurs 5/5 10.00 Academic Integrity (1 hour) Griffith SB Graduate Centre (S07_2.16) South Bank
Fri 6/5 10.00 Creating a thesis with style (1.5 hours) Library (N53_1.49) Nathan
Sat 7/5 10.00 EndNote for Mac (2 hours) Webb Centre (S02_3.13) South Bank


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